Disassembling a Dell Latitude D620

My laptop, a Dell Latitude D620 has started freezing randomly. I believe it’s due to heat. I can feel cool air being vented but at the same time I can feel a hotspot. I’m guessing that something is blocking the airflow, so I need to unblock it. To do that I need to disassemble it and clean it out. I’ve read articles like this one, and have disassembled other laptops before, but I’d appreciate tips from those who’ve actually disassembled this model. drachillix?

It’s incredibly easy. I used to work on them all the time at my last job. Official service manual here: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/latd620/en/sm/index.htm. Dell designed the D-series with easy serviceability in mind, a trend which sadly does not extend to the E-series. Just keep track of the screws.

Take a look at the service manual on Dell’s website.

Start by just removing the keyboard and blowing out the fan.