Discovering a song's bizarre true meaning

You remember that Joshua Kadison song in the 90’s called “Jessie”? You know… “Jessie, paint your pictures, 'bout how it’s gonna be…”

According to the imdb, he wrote that about Sarah Jessica Parker, after they broke up!

I don’t know why that strikes me as odd… just all these years, I had no idea that’s who it was about. And I try to compute it and, while it doesn’t bother me per se, it kinda makes me feel… weird. Like I have an itch that I can’t scratch or something.

Maybe I need sleep…

Thats interesting, never knew that.

I really don’t have many examples. The song ‘hey man nice shot’ by Filter which was popular about 10 years ago was written about Budd Dwyer’s on air suicide.

Paul Simon wrote “The Only Living Boy In New York” out of anger that Art Garfunkel was too busy filming “Catch-22” to come to NYC and start work on the album that would be “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

I know your part’ll go fine/Fly down to Mexico in reference to the filming of the movie in Mexico.