Discovery Toys: Anybody know anything?

My wife is looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars, and she is thinking of becoming a distributor/salesperson for Discovery Toys. She likes their toys; the ones she has bought as gifts for friends’ children have gone over well, and she likes their educational and developmental value.

What she does not want to do is to get involved with a multi-level marketing scheme, like Amway or Mellaluca. She would rather her job be to sell these toys to end consumers; more like Avon or Tupperware. But she is unsure what kind of outfit Discovery Toys is. Google searches have produced much general information on MLM schemes, but nothing specific on Discovery Toys, beyond their web site, and those of some of their existing distributors.

Has anybody had any experience with Discovery Toys at all? What can you tell us–good or bad–about the company and their distribution practices? Any information would be much appreciated.