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I just got back from this movie, and if I don’t talk about it, it’s gonna drive me crazy.
This movie totally screwed with my mind. I knew that it wasn’t real, but the illusion is so, SO convincing. I highly recommend this movie, but I warn you, after you’re done the thought of camping will give you chills.
I thought horror as a genre was dead. I was wrong. Finally, someone realized that you have to scare the MIND, not the eyes, to really scare someone. If I have a nightmare tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Go see it, but prepare to be very disturbed and unsettled.

We’ve been talking about this some on the “General Questions” board. I intend to see it the day it opens here (August 6th). My boyfriend, who lives in LA, saw it Friday night so I’m waiting to hear what he thought of it.

I saw the “documentary” on the Sci Fi channel. The marketing on this is brilliant.

I’d love to discuss it but the lines for it here in Minneapolis stretch clear around one city block–every single screening for the past 6 days has been sold out.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I’m waiting for the even-scarier sequel, “The Tootie Witch Project.”

How about “The Witchie-Poo Project”?

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Just about five minutes ago I saw for the very first time, a commerical for this movie. And earlier today I saw a very small blurb about it in the newspaper. Until today, I never heard anything about this movie except what was said about it on this message board and on the SD newsgroup. I guess Tampa is really slow to catch up on these sorts of things! The newspaper blurb mentioned that the movie would be showing at the “alternative” theater downtown, but not if it would be anywhere else. Was it widely released everywhere else?

The Tampa Theatre should be a great place to see this mucho-hyped movie.
Two of my friends went to see a preview a few weeks ago - the first said it was the scariest ever, bar none. The other was adamant that it was a “suckie piece of garbage”, not at all scary, so bad it would have been funny, except for the fact that it wasn’t funny.
In the past, more often than not I have tended to agree with the second. We shall see (or maybe I’ll just wait for the video).

I thought it was a bit of a let-down, personally, but maybe I just read too much about it, and was over-excited. It’s good but it ain’t that good.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

It was released in really large cities like NYC and LA last Friday. It will be released widely on July 30th. Many places, such as Louisville (where I live), won’t have it until a week or two after. It’s going to open at the indie theater here on the 6th and only be there for a week. The big theaters get it the week after.

My boyfriend said that he liked it but it didn’t really scare him. To find out if that meant anything, I asked him if any movie has ever scared him. No.

They decided to open it here today.

Hands down, the creepiest movie I think I’ve ever seen. The stuff with Josh, the camera guy, is what really got me. I’ll leave it at that.

If you want gore or to see some big nasty witch physically torturing some kids, you’ll be disappointed. It’s all left to the imagination.

Imagination is all I will have as far as this movie is concerned. :frowning: Unless they decide to re-shoot it like a “normal” movie, I will never be able to watch it. (See my post in Mundane Stuff-Part the Fourth for a full explanation.)

I know a couple of people who said that the film absolutely sucked and not to waste your time. Feel free to believe them as their opinion is just as valid as mine :slight_smile:

Trouble is coming in the form that some people get a bit woozy from the jolting camera (sorta the same people that cannot play gfirst person vid games)

All in all though, it was the creepiest film I ever been too.The big thing going for it is your ability to suspend your belief that this is not happening. Like they said above some people say it sucks but their trouble is that a) they expected too much of the film B) they learned too much about the film or C) they want big special effects and not some hand me down documentry type.
Myself, it was all that I dreamed about. The last 15 minutes had me so into it I came out with my hands shaking. Never in my life has a film scared me so. I knew about all the work they put into it to make it seem real and my god, it was pure genius. It warms my heart to see that something like this can be madefor shoestring andmanage to scare the absolute shit out of the general public without having to show one monster. My only hope is that maybe studios will start noticing that some of us out there like good writing rather than a 2 and a half hour “hey look what I can do with a new computer” effects show- ala the Haunting…That pisses me off that they took creepy book and made it some sort of fun house fest.

I saw BWP last night, and am so creeped out I can barely see straight. The only other movie I can think of which compares the this (absolutely terrifying, but with zero gore) is Vampyr, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s classic. I unfortunately saw a very poor print, but I understand it’s since been restored. It’s based very loosely on Carmilla, by Sheridan Le Fanu. See it, if you ever have a chance.

Coincidentally, since someone mentioned The Haunting, the book that scared me the most of anything I’ve ever read, is The Haunting of Hill House.

The new Haunting is a remake, and the first one, which boasted Claire Bloom and Julie Harris was good, but didn’t live up to the book (and I think Shirley Jackson was still alive in 1963, when it came out), so I have pretty low expectations for the new film, but I’ll probably see it anyway.

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Are they going to show the Sci-fi channel thing again?

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Ooo, I don’t know. They have a website at http://www.scifi.com. Maybe you can find out there. You can buy a copy of the video at http://www.artisanent.com.

Half of the movie is a very shaky camera pointed at the ground. I feel like I know every dead leaf in Maryland now. What a let down. Especially the ending. Oh well, at least they got rich.

The Blair Witch Project is the only movie that has scared me since I watched American Werewolf in London when I was 5yrs old. I was finally scared. I went and watched that pathetic Movie the Haunting the week before. I laughed all the way through it. I am sooo happy to have finally found a horror movie that scares me.
From what I understand all my friends who are normally scared by special effects found this movie bad and those who don’t do.

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