Discworld film?

Has there ever been, or will there ever be a Film based loosely or tightly on the Discworld series of books?

(I for one would trample on fallen people to see such a thing - if it were well made)

At least of Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music anmimated films are available on DVD.

I much liked Wyrd Sisters (which you can see in one sitting). Soul Music apparently was a TV series, and I am halfway through. Not bad either.

Interview with Terry Pratchett (18 Dec 2002):

Damn. :frowning:

Quite a few of the books are availible as plays, I forget who wrote them.

Steven Briggs wrote the plays, I think

I wouldn’t like to see Holy Wood make boullion cubes out of Pterry’s books. They are perfect as they are.

That kind of humor doesn’t translate well to the big screen, and moreover, Hollywood doesn’t really like making those type of movies. Its a big investment with an iffy payoff; theaters are not going to make their money back only on PTerry’s fans.

I read somewhere that there was a Mort movie planned, but it as scrapped because they were concerned over having Death as a main character.

They were both TV series.

There’s also been TV shows of “Truckers”, and of “Johnny and the Dead”. (Haven’t seen the latter, but I’d like to)

I thought they were making an animated movie out of the Bromlaid-Triology? I know it’s not Discworld, but I take what I can get.

Yes, they are. Dreamworks will be doing it after they’ve finished Shrek 2.