So, naturally, I post the link here.

Take that, you Swine!

You are not wrong! Icky Yucky!

What? This poor man discovers a rare talent within himself – TRULY within himself – and you mock his attempts to bring it to its highest realization? You scorn his struggle to rise above the common herd? You sneer at his accomplishments – accomplishments which you can never even hope to emulate, never mind surpass?

Ah, the petty envy of it all! The cruel and callous disregard of one man’s patient pursuit of his personal best!

For shame, you denigrator!


the problem is, is that he could use that talent to fight fires…
and induce vomiting in Poisoning victims!

You are right EDF. Shall I arrange for a herd of them to be milked for your breakfast cereal? :smiley:

eTf ooops :slight_smile:

Still my favourite ever kids book. Eddy’s teddy’s name is Freddy.

Sounds like the man would be an excellent host. “Cream in your coffee?”

Disgusting as it may be, you have to admit, 9’2" is quite impressive.

The footage on the morning news today showed him doing just that. The recipient declined to drink, unfortunately.

I would like to think we could all do 12’ but will never try!

If the person in the article was a woman, and somebody said “egg in your beer”, would she drop an ova?

Had a friend in High school who’d blow smoke out his eyes like this.

Meh. He’s just crying over spilled milk.