DishNetwork vs. DirectTV

I am moving into a new home. It is already set up for DishNetwork. I have DirectTV in the old house and am pretty happy with it. Any one have any thoughts? Is there a difference?

Ant comments, recomendations, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I’m happy with Dish. I like CBand better. :slight_smile:
I have been given to understand that Direct TV has more sports stuff if you are so inclined.

It totally depends on what you’re into. Sports? High Definition TV? International programming?

My family has Direct TV and we’re quite happy with it. The signal tends to go down when the weather gets really bad, though it’s never down long and resetting the system (which only takes a minute) seems to fix the problem. I’d recommend it.

I am not an afficianado, I figure they have basic programming packages. I am more interested in mundane things like ease of use, finding programs, dvr availibility, things like that. I heard Tivo will not work with DishNetwork. They offer a DVR but does it allow you to schedule future programs for recording? Can I select a show and set it to record every episode? The sales rep said that with there DVR I cannot watch one show and record another at the same time. Then he called back and said “I talked to some other people and you can do that”. Sounds fishy Are they hoping I will just order it and once installed I won’t bother to change it? :confused:

I’ve had both DishNet and DirecTV. I’m currently using DirecTV with Tivo and love it.

Reception and programming seems about the same with both services. The DirecTIVO is a major selling point though.

I had some consistant hardware problems with my old DishNet service. I’d often lose connection with the dish and customer service always told me the problem was in the switch or the dish itself and it would need to be replaced.

After I moved I had a new dish installed with a brand new switch and the problem returned. Sometimes on only one receiver,. then a different receiver. They could never track the problem down and always just told me to replace this or that. About that time I switched to DirecTV and never looked back.

I have a DVR from Dish with two tuners. It can record two at the same time. I can watch either a live or recoded show at the same time I record those two, but I’m not sure which; it hasn’t come up much. :slight_smile: I can record future programs from a program listing. I can record every episodes of a show, or just new ones. It does not let you set a timer by a clock, however.

(bolding mine)

All the features I bolded are also in the Direct TV DVR my family’s got. I’m not sure if you can record every episodes of something without setting it up individually though.

I didn’t mean to imply it was better, rather that they are about the same. :slight_smile:

I have DishNetwork and I love it. The DVR is very easy to use and will record a program once, every time or only new eps. If you currently have it on your drive it won’t record it ago. My mother has DirecTV and I find the online programming guide much harder to navigate. She doesn’t have a DVR on hers. With mine, if I see a program in the future I want to might want to record, I hit one button, it asks me if I want to record it once or everytime or whatever. You can also enter in the name of an actor and it’ll automatically record any program with that person (for example, I have Gary Cooper in mine. I don’t have to look for Coop movies, it automatically records them.) I hope this helps.


I have DirecTV. My parents have Dish. The content seems comparable, but the Dish menu and remote are both a bit confusing if you’re used to DirecTV – and vice-versa, probably.

If you want to keep your DirecTV, just call them. They’ll set it up (dish, cables, installation, everything but the receivers) at your new house for free.

Thanks for all the info. I appreciate all the input.