Just saw the trailer for ‘Dishonored’, coming out in October from Bethesda.

Looks totally awesome. I haven’t bought a newly-released game since Skyrim, but I think I’ll be pre-ordering this one.

hmm A steampunk Assassins Creed/Witchery game. Very intriguing. i was not aware of this, thanks.

It actualy looks a lot like Thief, as much as As. Creed.

I’ve been following this one for a few months. Joystiq actually posted a little article about it today.

I really, really like the concept. My problem is that I’m not patient enough to play stealth games the way they’re meant to be played.

Same problem I had while playing Hitman. Sure, the game let would usually let you go with the “kick in the front door and shotgun everybody in the face” approach, but that wasn’t really what the game was about.

Thanks for the head’s up. This looks great!

I’ve have very low expectations for a mechanics-based game with Bethesda involved, even if they aren’t the primary developer. Probably decent enough if you can be wood solely by art design and scripted encounters though.

Have you seen the 30-minute demo? It looks like something BethSoft could only dream about while taking numerous psychoactive compounds.

I hadn’t ever heard of Thief, but that looks like something I’d like too. I like stealth characters much more than shooters and slashers. :slight_smile:

This looks incredibly interesting. I’ll probably wait until reviews come out and pick it up later.

Go get Thief. It’s dirt cheap now - you can take home all three games for a bundle price of 27 bucks from Steam. The graphics are not fantastic, but the world is phenomenally rich and well-characterized, the games have large, well-designed stages, and the gameplay is superb. There’s probably no better stealth game in history.

And the best part is the sense of immersion. It’s First-Person. You don’t “play a stealth guy”. You become Garret when playing the game.

Sigh. I’m a Mac, and I only have the xbox 360, and while Thief: Deadly Shadows is available for the original xbox, and is apparently glitchy on the 360. Too bad, it does look like a good game.

Why not run Boot Camp so that you can play whatever you want?

I’ll look into that. Thanks!

They caught my attention with an earlier trailer–the one with the creepy rendition of some extra-creepy verses of “What Do We Do with a Drunken Sailor” (though they made it “whaler” to go along with the game’s apparently whale oil-based tech.) It still looks promising; I like the setting concept, and I enjoy the style of play it offers.