Dishwasher? No. Mni-rant

For months, I’ve tried to get a dishwasher installed.
My kitchen never had one.
Last month, I got a guy from the Lee Home Services company (Adam, by name) to come out, take measurements, & give me an estimate.
He gave it an OK, & the install price was reasonable.

I chose a unit online, emailed him the specs, & he said that it would fit just fine.

It arrived yesterday.
The workman came to install it today.
First thing he said is : “It won’t fit.”


Turns out, my counter is two inches too low to accommodate any dishwasher sold today.

Even if it wasn’t, we’d have to saw the frame off the kitchen door, just to open & close the washer.
All Adam had to do was say–“We can’t do it”, & that would have been fine.

Adam had one job… and didn’t know how to do it.

The workman helped me return the washer, for a refund.

I’m out $200, for incidentals.

I’m surprisingly sad.

My sympathies.
A few years ago I bought a new cooktop. I have a separate oven and cooktop, and I measured that the cooktop had to fit in the 4 inch deep space above the oven. I went to an appliance store and explained this to the salesman. He said, “no problem, all cooktops are the same depth”. So I bought one. It was delivered. The installers arrived and said (wait for it … ) “It won’t fit.” It was too deep. I called back the salesman and said, “hey this thing is too deep, but you told me all cooktops were the same depth”. His reply: “I never said any such thing.” I had to fight tooth and nail with him just to return it and get my money back.

Have you looked into freestanding or countertop dishwashers? I did a quick search for you, and Home Depot (for example) has a wide variety, including many that are only available online and would have to be shipped (just in case you don’t have a store nearby). They come in a variety of widths, so your door shouldn’t be a problem. I hope this helps.

Tried a countertop–it leaked everywhere.

I’m convinced that not ALL of them leak.

We had the same “counters too low” problem. And the same “salesman said No Prob, installer tried to wedge it in and said Nope” scenario. Luckily, the installer called back to the store, salesman got on the phone with us, apologized, and we picked out an ADA dishwasher. Shorter dishwasher (to accomodate wheelchair, I assume). It fit with room to spare under our liliputian counters.


But it holds 2/3 what our old dishwasher did.


But we just use fewer dishes, and run it more often. And it fits!


(ETA: Googled “ADA dishwasher” and found 34" tall, and even 32" tall dishwashers: Bosch, GE, Samsung – looks like plenty!)

Home Depot had plenty of 32" talls. What’s the height of your space?


Had a guy in today.

I found something that will fit, but there are shipping issues.
So, maybe.

The amount of grief and wasted time I’ve caused myself over dirty dishes, it would take a VERY expensive dishwasher to not be better than that.

Boscha, regarding Adam, I hope you will write him a letter and copy his boss and tell him how disappointed you were when you found out that he could not perform the fairly simple job of measuring for a dishwasher, or did not care enough to do it properly. You may not get any more money back, but they should know what this cost you (if they don’t already) in time, money and emotion.

Better luck with the next one.

Somebody has the blues.

The cheap one was sold out.

The other one costs $790 dollars! Yike.

There is another that will fit, & cheaper, but it’s on Amazon, & how can I get the damn thing?
They won’t leave it in front of my door, & the builder keeps pissing & moaning about not being there to pick it up!

Round & round, & I’m so sick of the word dishwasher I COULD VOMIT!

I got a countertop dishwasher.
Seems nice.

Yay! Let us know how well it works.

Used it once so far & it works great.