Disinfectant at Disneyland

Disneyland (California): the Splash Mountain water ride has a very strong odor of disinfectant in the water. It doesn’t smell like Chlorine, exactly; it’s a “muskier” kind of smell.

Recently, I was in a Kaiser Hospital, and they used something that smelled very similar as their floor-mopping disinfectant.

What is this stuff…and can I get it for home use? I kind of like the scent.

Some pools reportedly use Bromine as a disinfectant instead of Chlorine. Don’t know if Bromine has a similar smell though.

Bromine is commonly used in hot tubs. I believe it’s because chlorine breaks down quicker at hot tub temperatures.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with women flashing the cameras. Nothing.

Chemicals used in public water systems/swimming pools are heavily regulated, and I assume that Disney would follow the EPA’s guidelines on approved sanitizers for public swimming pools. That being said, chlorine is the only approved sanitizer for use in outdoor swimming pools.