Disk Defragmenter is a big liar!

You heard me, you can check the box for the Win 9x Disk Defragmenter to optimize your program files but it won’t do it. You want to know how I know? Check this.

In the windows/applog directory you will find a file called “optlog.txt” (you may have to enable viewing of hidden directories and the such to see this)

Open up optlog.txt and what do you see? Why, tis a list of programs ineligible for optimization by disk defragmenter. This may only be a problem for me but I have over 100 prgrams in here. Granted, most of them don’t need optimization but there are programs here that I use every day that are being excluded. The reason listed is that that program hasn’t been used in x days. Too bad I’ve used almost every single one of those programs within x days and used them many a time. What gives with this? Why is disk defragmenter listing such inaccurate dates and keeping these programs from loading a few tenths of a second faster?

You have to run taskmon.exe all the time to get an accurate list. If you have taskmon.exe disabled it won’t show accurate results. That is my understanding, anyway.

Becuz certain programs MUST find things right at the same location of the HD when they run. If you select to view details when you defrag, you can see those places on the HD in a real pretty picture.

Get a third party maintenance program, like System Suite 2000, they rule. Defrag is pretty basic.

Word of warning about 3rd party disc defrag maint programs.

There is a known problem with Windows Millenium where some files are moved and prevent start up.