Disney comics return to USA (maybe)

The word is out that Disney comics will return to USA


And Don Rosa is on strike.
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Good about the reprints. Bad about la Rosa. Damn. A good Carl Barks-inspired Disney comic is worth the read.
(BTW – is your user name inspired by Carl, too?)

i hope the start a Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers comic. The Disney Afternoon was one of their better ideas. :slight_smile:

Here’s another aticle on Rosa’s strike.
Yes, my usename is inspired by Carl Barks.

Bosda I don’t now how old you are but if you haven’t read Barks or Rosa stories you should.

Cal I don’t know if you know what my user name was inspired by but I just saw that it has an error, it should be Barks’ dog food. Have to mail an admin.

I love Barks’ stuff.

It’s just not available.