Disney Covers Darryl Hannah's Butt

Forgive me if this has already been posted. I did a search and didn’t find anything.
Apparently the version of the 1984 comedy Splash has been digitally altered with some not-great CGI so that what you can see of Darryl Hannah’s butt is now completely covered, Lady Godiva-like, by her hair. This is the scene where she kisses om Hanks and dives into the ocean, but I think they also did something in the scene where she comes ashore at the Statue of Liberty.
Well, Disney, if anyone, ought to understand the importance of Body Language to a Mermaid that was given feet (and a butt)
As many have pointed out, though, they still show Bart’s penis in The Simpsons Movie and Brendan Fraser’s butt in George of the JUngle(which they’re apparently showing) and they still have the harpy’s breasts in Fantasia*. I’ll bet they show all the male butts in Brave, too. So it’s selective non-nudity.

*AS I’ve pointed out more than once, there are other bare breasts in Fantasia – the centaurettes are topless, but seen at a distance. (And you see the bare butts of the putti) . But the cenbtaurettes don’t have nipples. The Harpies have green nipples. Apparently, in Disney, you’re only allowed to have nipples if you’re evil. All those Disney princesses must be frustrated.

Hard to get my boxers in a bunch over this one. If they think their customers will be offended and want to remove it, I don’t really care.

She married Neil Young in 2018 , I think there was not a lot of publicity about that wedding.

you should. What if next some studio wants to remove something in a movie you like?

This is only for Disney+, if you buy the DVD you can still see Daryl Hannah’s Butt. It is little different from when broadcast TV edits the movie for content. Its not ideal but it is normal. Disney+ is suppose to be Family Friendly, their titles that are considered not Family Friendly usually get moved to Hulu (which they own).

It in no way compromises the movie, this is not a George Lucas silliness where he changed the movie, changing the characters but also made all other versions no longer available.

Whenever I hear about “Splash”, I remember the “Saturday Night Live” bit on “Weekend Update” where a guy was talking about how her hair always covers her…

“I don’t think I can say it on TV, but maybe I can say it backwards. Sboob.”

Whenever I hear about “Splash”, I remember the “Saturday Night Live” bit on “Weekend Update” where a guy was talking about how her hair always covers her…

“I don’t think I can say it on TV, but maybe I can say it backwards. Sboob.”

This is just a preliminary edit. Disney will soon realize that encouraging children to run into the ocean is irresponsible and could lead to drownings, and therefore the scene will be re-edited to show Hanna running into a pizza box.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a naked Darryl Hannah in a pizza box. It’s be like that Botticelli painting Birth of Venus from a Pizza Box.
Except that all that CGI hair would get stuck to the melted cheese stuck to the box.

Reminds me when they had to digitally edit their 2005 Herbie The Love Bug movie because during test screenings Lindsay Lohan’s breasts were too big and distracting in her white jumpsuit so they made them smaller.

Am I the only one hoping they have Darryl Hanna’s butt move the same way as Han Solo’s torso in the revised Star Wars cantina scene?

Just me?


Band name!

A band called “This Is Only For Disney+” or “Buy The DVD”? Where do I sign up? :smiley:

They own the film. They edit it all the time.

Madison’s butt shot first!

Worst part is this trending topic makes it impossible to Google the original unedited footage of her luscious naked ass.

Sure is a lot of CGI butt altering going on these days.

I don’t mind that they covered her butt, really; it’s kind of silly, to my mind, but whatever.
What bothers me is that they did it so badly. It looks completely fake, like they’d stapled a long-shag rug onto the small of her back. Disney can most certainly do better than that.
Best I can figure, this was a last minute “oh, crap” job - like a book report completed at 6am the day it was due.

Now, see, the thread title makes me imagine some sort of Disney news show, “Right after this commercial break, learn the latest breaking stories about Darryl Hannah’s Butt!”.

It’s Okay – she can use the publicity. I haven’t seen her in anything since Sense8