Disney To Buy Out Pixar?

Talks are underway…


That Incredibles sequel may not be too far off, at that.

If this happens, will Disney ruin it? The Pixar films have been almost uniformly excellent while recent animated films from Disney have sucked.

Yes. They’ve pillaged their own library of classics for a bunch of made-for-DVD crap, so why not do the same to Pixar?

I dearly do not want this to happen; they’ll ruin it.

If they run it the way Steve Jobs ran it — keep John Lasseter and his team in place, and let them do what they want — everything will be fine. It’s not inconceivable that they will; Eisner is gone, and the new guy seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Disney already has rights to pillage everything Pixar did while they had their distrubtion deal. And from what I’ve read, I think they intended to fully exercise those rights.

They already did with the animated TV series, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command”.

i actually think they’ll have a huge success on their hands with chicken little…zach braff will pull huge weight with that one.

I believe Disney created Chicken Little without the involvement of Pixar. So if it fails, one could argue that lately it’s only success was with Pixar animated movies, but if it succeeds, then perhaps Disney still has some magic left and doesn’t need Pixar as much.

Variety panned it. A stinkeroo.

Not a good sign. :dubious:

Chicken Little is not a Pixar film. Disney has closed their hand-drawn animation department, and will only make computer-animated movies from now on. Whether they will be able to hold their own against the Pixar pack, I don’t know. Chicken looks like it has potential, but then again, I only guess that due to the kooky premise (Chicken Little believes that the sky is falling again- turns out he’s right this time…aliens are invading!) and the all-star voice cast (Patrick Stewart! Don Knotts! Adam West! Joan Cusack! Garry Marshall! Amy Sedaris! Fred Willard! Catherine O’Hara! And Starring Zach Braff as Chicken Little!) Or it could be horrible. Who knows?

Disney is referring to this film as “Disney’s first computer-animated movie.” Since it failed, I guess they’re pretending Dinosaur doesn’t exist like they used to The Black Cauldron. (Their other forgotten film, Song of the South, hasn’t completely disappeared from the landscape- Splash Mountain, everyone? And rumor has it they will release it on DVD next year for its 60th anniversary, in an effort to stop people from buying bootlegged copies, with apologetic disclaimers about their treatment of African Americans in the film.)

We had a thread comparing Pixar and Dreamworks animated films and one of the things that Dreamworks was criticized for was the use of a celebrity voice cast. I don’t know if that’s a problem but then I enjoyed the Dreamworks films like Shrek. Perhaps Disney is following the Dreamworks model instead of the Pixar model?

Song of the South certainly hasn’t disappeared – even on DVD, it’s for sale in Europe.

Even The Black Cauldron hadn’t completely disappeared. They kept a BC-themed eatery open in Disneyland for quite a while, and the work has been out on VHS. I don’t doubt it will reappear on DVD eventually.
But it’s true Disney does kinda sweep some things under the rug. The Black Hole, Escape to Witch Mountain. And I’m amazed at howe completely and rapidly Treasure Planet vanished.
Me, I’m gonna give Chicken Little a chance. I think it has potential.

Call me a pessimist if you must, but i don’t hold up much hope for Pixar if it’s assimilated by The Mouse™

most recent Disney movies IMHO have been eminently forgettable, the only thing that made Brother Bear even tolerable was the running commentary by Bob and Doug McKenzi…oops, not Bob and Doug, just a pair that sounds remarkably like them and are even voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas…

it didn’t make the movie good, just more tolerable than it otherwise would have been

Disney’s Magic™ has passed it’s “best by” date long ago…

Pixar, OTOH, understands that the most important parts of a movie are the plot and characterizations, the story comes first, all else is secondary, whether it’s rendered by the latest in high-tech computers, or drawn by monkeys with crayons, the story is the most important part, Pixar understands this fact, i think The Mouse™ has lost sight of this fact

Ops, i totally forgot…

“Monkeys with Crayons” would be an excellent name for a band :wink:

From the reviews I’ve seen, it seems like Disney is adopting another of Dreamworks’ failings: going for quick, cheap pop-culture riffs instead of actual jokes that grow from the characters’ personalities. I just saw The Incredibles over the weekend, and one of the many, many things I liked about it was its complete lack of any labored, winking references to movies or tv shows or this month’s c-grade celebrity.

Uh? Did Tron disappear in the purges too?

I can’t imagine Steve Jobs selling Pixar without some sort of iron-clad guarantee that its quality and integrity will be preserved. It’s too much “his baby” for his ego to just take the money and run. Even if Pixar ends up as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney, there’s gonna be something to make sure it doesn’t churn out crappy films and sully the brand.

Already is. I own a copy.

i can. Lots of $$$$$.
:dubious: :smack: