Disney's That *&^%ing Cat!

I got an early wakeup Sunday, a crashing and banging sound downstairs along with a horrible scream that sounded like a jaguar disemboweling a chupacabra or vice versa. I bolted out of bed and ran down the stairs expecting to see mayem and carnage as the screaming continued and I was trying to remember the combo to my gun safe to get my shotgun. I get down to the living room to find our kitty, Dusty, on her basket in front of the window hissing at another cat who had the audacity to walk by. The banging sound was Dusty hurling herself against the glass as she is prone to do when a bird walks on the sill or another cat walks by but I never heard her get vocal and this sounded like a fight to the death. “*&^%$#@ cat! I can’t even find a shoe to throw at you. Knock it off!” When I explained what it was my wife said we had a good watch kitty. Oh great. If another cat tries to break into the house we’re covered. Dogs at least react to people. WOOF WOOF WOOFWOOF WOOF Tanslation: “Look, look! Burglars have come to kill us all!” Of course that is hard to tell from WOOFWOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF, “Look, look! The mailman has come to kill us all!”

Dusty came from a shelter in Phoenix but she’s been isolated from other animals since we got her. We had decided she might not do well with another cat in the house and this pretty much clinches it. “Dusty, play nice with the new kitten. …Oh no!”

yeah, dogs react to people

and passing cats

and falling leaves.

and, generally, “WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF” means “hey human, look! there’s a cloud in the sky! I am in mortal danger! protect me!”