Dispite this, I still love my family

My Beloved, my son and some of her sisters and friends flew down to Vegas a couple days ago(Mom-in-law has a Worldmark membership). I couldn’t go because I only have five days of vacation each year and I am already committed to volunteering at Orycon this fall. Now, I am glad that they all are having a grand time…but she just posted pictures on Facebook.
Pictures of Penn Gillette with his arms around her, my son and his cousin.
Pictures of Penn Gillette signing autographs for them.
Pictures of Teller taking selfies of him with her and my son.

Tomorrow they are going to go to Elton John’s show.
He’ll probably dedicate a song to them.


It seemed to me that 'casm lived his life
like a candle in the wind
never knowing when to vacation
volunteered at the con again

Wait a minute! Am I to understand you’re looking for sympathy for choosing a con over a family holiday in Vegas?

I feel if I offer you sympathy you’ll never learn from your mistakes! :slight_smile:

Penn and Teller are both great illusionists and fan-friendly.
After every show, they come out to their theatre foyer and chat to the audience (who are welcome to take piccies.)

Maybe the pictures are illusions too

Only 5 days of vacation a year? Your employer is chintzy.

Wait! If your Beloved and Favourite Son are taking a vacation with your In-Laws. And then later on you’re taking a vacation for Orycon, doesn’t that count as 2 vacations for you?

I work Orycon. I’m Hospitality staff from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning.

The hell you say, Teller’s a mute!

Zoot, zoot!

Bonus points for the reference!

Zooty, zoot zoot! raises leg

With a machine!

Yes, they are. I have a shot of Penn and SWMBO together. He towers over her. :smiley:

My Beloved just posted pictures from the Eton John concert-looks like they had a great time.

P & T are very friendly. I hung out with them on a boat and was one of the many extras as they shot the big finale for their Penn and Teller: Off the Deep End tv special.

I won a nice scuba regulator from them as one of the door prizes they gave to the assembled masses who were extras on that shoot.