Disposing of a Computer Monitor

What’s the proper way to do this? Are they hazardous waste, recyclable, or just toss it in a Dumpster? We have several more monitors than we need, and at least one is pretty awful. Something got on the screen and nothing will clean it up so the image on 1/4 of the screen is just blurry enough to be distracting. Nothing cleans it off, and we have other, better monitors anyway. If it matters the monitor is about 14" flat screen made in October, 2001.

Where I live they have certain dates for drop off of computer monitors and other materials that clog up landfills. I am not sure of the specifics, but I believe computer monitors have something that are hazerdous to the environment. Contact your local officials and they will tell you either where the drop-off point is for them, etc.

If it still works a little, perhaps it could be of some use to a local thrift shop, etc. Also, some small mom and pop computer stores might be willing to take it for parts.

There is a substantial amount of lead in the glass of the CRT. I would ask your county’s waste management department for their policy on the disposal of computer monitors and television sets. They may want to keep it out of the local landfill.

That thing’s not plastic? I was kind of assuming it wasn’t glass since the upper left quandrant seems to have been permanently damaged by something. Glass is fairly tough to ruin like that.

But thanks, I’ll contact them.

Neighbour’s yard!

Erm… I mean, this site seems to suggest you can’t just dump them, but since disposal is their business, I dunno how objective it is…


Naw. The tube itself is glass. Your monitor, however, may have a protective covering made of some other material between you and the tube. Or there might be an anti-reflective (or contrast enhancing) coating on the glass (or the protective shield) that is damaged.

Just to clarify (because you said ‘flat screen’, which could mean either):
Newfangled LCD skinny flat monitors are not particularly hazardous. Do whatever you want with them.

Cathode-ray-tubes (TV-style monitors) have a lot of lead in them. In most places, you can’t legally put them in your regular trash. Ask your town/county/whoever picks up your garbage how to get rid of them.

Flat screen is almost always a flat-faced CRT. Flat panel, on the other hand, can be an LCD, plasma, or electro-luminescent. Technically anyway; colloquial use, of course, ain’t so precise.

Correct, this is the use as I intended - that is, it’s an old fashioned monitor with a flat surface.