dissecting kit... how do I get the blade on???

I have a “Hamilton Bell Co. Inc.” dissecting kit for Zoology in a baby-blue rectangular case. It looks really old, but it’s the only kind they had in the bookstore. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to get the blade on the scalpel. Anyone have any experience with this?

Which one?


whoa… didn’t know there were different types… I’ve got a surgeon’s handle #3 and a blade #10.

Blades go on the skinny end of the scalpel. In general, there is a shallow groove parallel to the scalpel axis in which the blade must fit. There is also a raised ovalo (or other) shape that has to fit into the same shape on the blade (i.e. a blade that will fit the scalpel has a cut-out that fits over the raised area of the same shape on the blade). It is safer to put the blade on using a pair of tweezers or Kelly’s if you don’t have practice doing it.

Well, I figured that much out on my own. However, the oval hole in the middle of the blade gets narrower at the top, and when I try to put the blade on there, it gets hung up on that part.

Do the blades look like this?

Do the holders look like this?

Yes, exactly.

AArgh! Well, never mind. I handed it to an idiot friend of mine (His ACT is 5 points lower), and he figured it right out. Turns out that I wasn’t pushing down hard enough… didn’t want to break the blade.