Dissolving pills under tongue

I’ve noticed that some medicatins ask that you dissolve the pills under your tongue before swallowing. Why is this?

I imagine that it has something to do with making sure that the pill is fully dissolved before it enters your stomach and is thus absorbed faster (and letting the enzymes in the mouth work on it as well). Or perhaps the membrane under the tongue is thin enough to absorb stuff directly?

Correct- sub lingual adminstration is quicker than gastric and as quick as suppository. In both sub-lingual and rectal form the medicine passes through thin skin directly into inerstitial fluid surrounding venul;es and arterioles and hence straight into the blood supply. Additionally it also bypasses what is called first pass elimination- everything going into the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream there goes directly to the liver which may work frantically to get the chemical out of the blood stream on its ‘first pass’ through the liver.

Glyceril Tri-Nitrate is given sublingually- fast adminsitartion and misses first pass, therefore going directly to the heart and having a quick and major effect there.

Note: Chewing tobacco works in the same way!

Skoal can fight angina?

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I’ve never known someone with an 'gina who liked tobacco chewers.

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Thanks for the answer though. Suddenly all those bizzare directions to swish stuff in my mouth make sense.

Does this work with anything, or is it only things that are prone to being absorbed? Like, would it work with my liquid vitamins, or alcohol?


Well, I’ve had bariatric surgery and have to take B-12 sub lingual once a week. It’s either that or take an hour and a half a month and pay VNA for a b-12 shot.

no tastebuds under tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Can this be done with something like aspirin in the event of a horrible migraine, and so forth?