Diva Cup shotglasses!

Well, no, not really.

But it took me several minutes to un-see that in this product. Even after I saw the little fins, I still think they look more like Diva-shaped shots than bombs.

They look like a bitch to clean…

[sub]ducks and runs[/sub]

Ideal for serving Bloody Mary shot concoctions?

Okay, I fear Googling this because I am at work, but WTF is a diva cup?

Silicone cup used to catch menstrual fluid (in place of a tampon or similar “feminine hygiene” product), which is inserted into the vagina, and removed a few times a day to be emptied. That’s a brand name of a particular, popular type.

Oh gawd…

embarassed and running for cover from the girl parts conversation

I’ve never seen a Dive Cup. How much do they look like these Bombadier Shot Glasses?

And why “Diva Cup”? Can you really hit the high notes when wearing one, or something?

Diva Cup, extreme closeup - they’re the size of a larger shotglass.

I can’t tell from their FAQ why they picked the name, but I suspect it’s supposed to be some kind of positive “female empowerment” kind of thing. Like demanding a better way to handle a messy biological function or something.

You know, you’re right.

crosses Bombadier shot glasses off shopping list

OMG! Totally look just like a Mooncup.

It’d be good to pick up some of these shot glasses, and then switch out the Diva Cup with one as a prank.

Provided you had a bugout location for when the missus, irritated already and not in the mood for humor, wants to perform a vivisection.

I read that as Dixie Cup. Then I translated using a Dixie Cup in place of a Diva Cup.