'Diva of din': 'World's worst singer' movie based on true story.

The film will feature Meryl Streep as Florence, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg. Based on a bizarre and true story of a wealthy socialite that was blissfully unaware that she couldn’t sing.

A true The Emperor’s New Clothes story.

It seems that rich people can easily fall into these deluded traps because they live in a bubble where no one contradicts or challenges them. John du Pont (heir to to Du Pont fortune) was a patron of Olympic Wrestling. Giving large donations and providing a training facility on his estate. But he also thought he could wrestle. :rolleyes: These champion wrestlers let him beat them because they needed his sponsorship. This went on for years until it ended tragically. John du Pont murdered one of the wrestlers after an argument.

theres a 30 second clip of Florence singing. :eek: yeah, she was terrible.

I hadn’t heard of this case. When I read the thread title, I thought it must refer to the infamous Cherry Sisters, who were similarly unaware of their famed awfulness (or so it is generally believed)

There were rumors that one of the sisters had made a recording, but it hasn’t turned up, despite attempts to find it. So we don’t know how they sounded.

I had heard of the Streep movie coming, but Marguerite a French film on the same subject just opened this weekend. The Streep is a biopic, while Marguerite fictionalizes the story.

The Streep film was announced while Margurite was filming.

Jay Leno has mentioned tone deaf comics that were convinced they were doing great. The audience loved me! They were hearing applause and laughs that wasn’t really there.

Most performers struggle early in their career. They aren’t very good and it takes perseverance and experience to learn their craft.

But some people just don’t have the talent for the arts. No matter how hard they study and try. They can get deluded and waste their entire lives. Unless somebody they respect tells them the hard truth.

She knew.

“people might say I couldn’t sing but nobody can say I didn’t sing…”

Interesting choice of casting, since Meryl Streep is actually a very good singer.

This movie sounds like a hoot. Can’t wait to see it.

I had her record years ago. It was quite delightful. The Queen of the Night aria was the highlight, or something.

They didn’t have enough material of hers for both an A and a B side, but fortunately somebody found a recording of two almost-as-bad singers making their way through highlights from Gounod’s Faust, including the final trio, which they sang as a duet.

Best in very small doses, but great fun.

I liked the L&O Criminal Intent version.

Probably no murder in the real life version though.

It’s actually harder than you might think to deliberately sing badly.

I saw the Broadway version of this (Souvenir) with Judy Kaye as Florence Foster Jenkins when it ran back in 2005. Another example of someone who actually can sing playing the role of one who can’t.