Diver Scallops. . .worth it?

My gf just called to tell me she made reservations at a fairly “fancy” restaurant for dinner tonight. She chose this place because they are having a “celebration of seafood” event today. She knows the owners, and found out that one of the special dishes will be “diver scallops”. My gf has already decided that she will be ordering them.

I love scallops, but I can make them myself fairly easily. Are scallops collected by hand that big a deal? Personally, I like a nice grilled whole snapper…

The last “event” this restaurant hosted was an offal tasting menu. Kidney, stomach, intestine, brains. Somehow we missed that one.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think the biggest deal when eating/purchasing scallops is that they are “natural” scallops, meaning they aren’t packaged in anything other than their own juices. Some less reputable sellers will package them with phosphates and the like, which can discolor them and “plump them up” to make them look nicer.

I suspect that the diver-caught scallops ensure a more uniformity in sizes, too, but machines can probably sort them by size as well. Not certain on that count.

Hmmm. It is looking like I’ll skip over the scallops.

Any suggestions on a nice white wine? That is my only responsibility for tonight (place is byob with no corkage charge). My gf is picking up the check, so my budget for wine is sorta limitless.

Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc


My favorite white, and not too out there price-wise. (Any year is good, not just the 2005)

Cool! I’ve had it and loved it. Last year my local state store (Pennsylvania’s monopoly on liquor) had a wine tasting which featured Cakebread Cellars products.


Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice. It’s got plenty acid, which really helps most fish dishes. If you have a decent wine shop close by, you could try something fancy and European. Muscadet from France, Verdicchio from Italy or an Albariño from Spain are all worth while. I’d avoid a Chardonnay unless you know exactly what you’re buying.

^Never did like Chardonnay. Too buttery for my tastes. I’m pretty good at picking a good red. I’m not bad at choosing Champagne. But whites? Forget it.

Well, off to the state store. Damn monopoly has crappy hours.

Mmm … Champagne and scallops. That’s something I might cross the street for :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too.

Hey Kayaker, have you heard about the LCB’s latest bonehead move?

Scallops to me always seem to have a really nice mineral component in their flavor profile. I would probably pick a wine with some decent minerality to match. A trocken or halbtrocken Mosel Riesling, or an Alsatian dry Pinot Gris, Riesling or Edelzwicker. And all these wines have good acidity, too, particularly the German Rieslings.

Another friendly and minerally white to go with the above, which I’ve become quite fond of lately, is Gruener Veltliner.

Ah yes…when made well, it makes a pretty fragrant and mineral-driven wine. Another good one.

They taste a lot better. I used to go scalloping as a kid and we would keep them in the fridge. I never liked them on the half shell but my bf would split them open with a knife and eat them raw.

I gotta hear this.

Well, the wine I picked up was yummy, I ended up going with Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc. It was awesome. My gf had divers scallops and the taste she offered me made me wish I had ordered them. Long story, but I had duck:).

So, Carl Corey, what did Pennsylvania’s liquor board do now?:frowning:

When you buy them, all you are getting is the muscle. The rest of the animal should be edible (like a soft shell clam).
Have you ever eaten the rest of a scallop?

They have begun raiding bars and distributors for. . . unregistered beer.

Here is a link.

Wow. Thanks! Think I’ll have a crisp, cold, refreshing beer.