Divide long posts?

I’m considering posting something pretty lengthy, and I was wondering–is it better to do such things as one long post or multiple shorter posts? As I recall, Anthracite divides her “Horror At Cecil Cove” stories into multiple posts–is there a technical reason for doing it this way, or does it not matter?


I once did a GD thread where it wouldn’t accept my entire text. I had to break it up into 5 different parts. so, at a certain point, you technically must break it up. You might want to do so earlier, just to give people a break too.

If it’s really that long, maybe it deserves to be on your own website with a link to it? Just a thought.

Well, FTR, Ecks, I’ve never had any trouble with the server accepting my admittedly lengthy posts in one chunk. And I even once asked, “How long is too long?” and got the reply from Tuba that text really didn’t matter–it was graphics that clogged up the CGI. This was back when [IMG] was still turned on.

So now I’m curious as to which thread that was, Oldscratch. Was it with UBB or vB, and did it have a lot of graphics in it?

Five parts? Jeez…mine isn’t anywhere near thatlong. And I’ve tested it–it works as a preview, so I assume it’d work as a post.

On the other hand, there are easy dividing points–it’s a chapter from my novel, which is divided into sections for scene shifts anyway–so presenting it as muliple posts wouldn’t be any problem. I wondered mainly because I’ve seen Anthracite divide hers up–she is more likely to be familiar with the limitations than I am, so I thought maybe there was a technical reason for it.

DDG–oddly enough, there’s a section in this that features both ducks and geese.

If you have natural dividing lines, use 'em. Give your readers a break, smaller pages resolve quicker.

You could even put in links from section to section, if you were so inclined, that would be really nice.

your humble TubaDiva

It was a couple months ago. Simple test. No weird code or anything. I don’t have the desire to dig it up right now.

TubaDiva said:

Okie dokie.

Er…links within the same thread? I didn’t know you could do that. (How do you do that?)

Set up each of your . . . chapters or whatever you’re calling them. I’m assuming that’s a separate thread for each one, no?

Then put in hyperlinks to the next “chapter” . . . and the previous “chapter.”

That’s two posts in each thread, the text and the links.

your humble TubaDiva

I haven’t been clear, for which I apologize. It’s only one chapter that I’m thinking of posting, preceeded by a section from another chapter that serves to explain what’s going on, with both preceeded by an introduction and a few tidbits as background. All this would go in one thread–my question is should I divide it into different posts within that thread.

(Hey, if I wrote and rewrote posts four or five times, then proofread them a half dozen times, they’d make sense too.)