I installed the new version (5) of DivX and it will not open any avi files. What can I do to fix this problem.


If you cannot open any AVI files the problem is not with the codec as AVIS con use other codecs. (you can see what codec at properties - details . e.g. 384 x 288, 24 Bits, 963 Frames, 25.000 Frames/Sec, 29 KB/Sec, DIVXMPG4 V3)

Maybe the AVI file association was lost? Can you open them from within media player or whatever program you use?


These AVI’s can be opened with Windows Media Player.

Oh, you are talking about the DivX program, not the codec. OK

Maybe you want to tell us more about the problem or do we need to use force to extract any information out of you? I can’tr read minds you know.

A simple question from you will suffice.

The error message I get is "failed to open [file name] .avi.


I’m afraid this isn’t going to be very helpful in solving anything, but I’ve just taken a look for your problem on the support forums at www.divx.com.

It seems many many people are having the same problems. Basically, people are saying everything was working until they installed the latest version, and WMP can run the files fine, but the new version just doesn’t want to know. The authorities there haven’t offered any solutions (that I saw) so many people say they have just uninstalled it and reinstalled the old version. It seems this might be a bug in the software rather than a problem with your PC. I suggest you go check out those forums.

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out.

What version of DivX does work or what player do you recommend?

I just use Windows Media Player 2 for all video and Media Player 1 for audio. I downloaded the DivX codec but not the player. Do you have any specific reason you prefer the DivX player to the Windows Media Player?

Not especially. I have been told that some video players are better than others.

I have no experience with the DivX player other than the reported problems. I use MS Media Player and have never had any problems. The only thing which would be nice would be a speed adjustment . . . I like to see people fucking slowly, then fast, then slow… :slight_smile:

I suggest zoomplayer, which can be found in the download section at www.doom9.org. I like it because it has good quality in fullscreen mode, and gives you access to the settings for all the codecs and filters involved in decoding (Right click, filter properties). It’s also small.