DIY Cartoon Character Costume

Any help here? I am blanking.

I dance Argentine Tango in Italy, near Venice. We’re about to hit Carnival season. Our dance school has decided to go out dancing in fancy dress and has decided on a cartoon or comic character theme. We’re to make our costumes ourselves. It sounds like great fun but I have no idea what to make.


*Probably better if the character is fairly well-known. By board standards I know zip about comics myself and the “audience” is general and international;

*I have to be able to dance in it;

*Even if this is Venice, it is not particularly required that I be unrecognisable or that my face is covered;

*I’m willing spend a bit of money on it, like 10 - 20 dollars (well, euros, but you know what I mean), but no huge amounts;

*I have some very basic needles, but no sewing machine or huge amount of skills in that direction;

*I’m female, more or less average size (UK 12);

*I don’t mind looking silly.

Any ideas?

Jessica Rabbit? Red slinky dress (add straps for dancing) with high slit, red wig and red lipstick. Perfect for tango.

Do you have a male dance partner? I’d think that Popeye and Olive Oyl were pretty internationally known. Not sure if Olive Oyl would be known if she were without Popeye, tho.

Minnie Mouse would be pretty well known. Easy enough to make mouse ears and paint your nose. A red dress is easy enough to find and you could put your own polka dots on it. Or you might get lucky and find a red polka-dotted dress.