DIY ear canal irrigation

Is there a product that is best for this? Is there a recommended solution (solution, in the sense of a liquid) to use?

I love my nasal rinser. Jamming my ears with Q-Tips for 30+ years probably hasn’t done me any favors. My ears just itch sometimes and using a Q-tip is definitely compulsive behavior for me at this point. I do it at LEAST twice a day.

Use a bulb syringe to rinse your ears with a solution of debrox and warm water. You can buy the two as a pair for under $10 at any pharmacy.

The Q-Tips are almost certainly irritating your ear canals, and may be causing the compulsion to itch. Any doctor would tell you to never do that, and I think the Q-Tips explicitly say as much right on the box.

I have a thing for peroxide, I love the bubbly bedspins =) bubbles the wax and guk into oblivion and then you pour out the dead peroxide into papertowels =) no qtips needed =)

you can use glycerin (you can get with peroxide in solution) put a few drops in and let set for 10 minutes. then use an ear syringe with warm water to flush out.

you can get these in drug stores as kits and with replacement drops.

using q tips can compress the wax, irritate the ear, risk ear drum damage.

I use one of these. $3.99 for two.

I use it with warm water.

For the interim, while your ears are healing from the slight abrasions, get some of the neosporin that has pain reliever in it. Put this on the q-tip any time you feel the urge to “clean” them. It will numb the area and stop the urge.

And rinse with Hydrogen peroxide, twice a week at the most.

IANAD etc. . .etc. . .

Don’t put anything else in your ears.

Stop using Q-tips.

See your doctor. There may be impacted wax in your ear which he/she may have to remove manually.

The itching could be anything—simple irritation from the Q-tips, fungus, etc. Your doctor may recommend irrigation as posted earlier, but only he/she can determine that.

Thisis what my doctor used most recently. It’s fantastic.

Use with warm water after peroxide treatment. Much faster, less messy, and more satisfying than a bulb syringe.

The next time my ears are full, I’ll buy one.