DIY headphone jack for the iPhone 7.

It’s amazing that people are falling for this fake DIY video. The comments of people wondering why it didn’t work are uh, eye opening.

I did electronic service work for 8 years. Not sure if this makes me want to laugh or cry. At the very minimum people should realize a jack would be needed. Not just a hole in the case. I have wired in headphone jacks into televisions for customers thirty years ago. But there was plenty of room inside the case and chassis to do it. iPhones are miniaturized and it would be almost impossible.

These users are determined to make it work. :smiley:

There’s been a lot of discussion about this on other forums too, including The Student Room.

It’s to do with this TechRax video here: Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 - YouTube

See, you can’t add a 3.5mm headphone jack just by drilling a hole. Drilling a hole just adds a hole to the case. You have to actually put the electronics into the iPhone, that are required for the 3.5mm jack.

Though seeing as though the iPhone 6S had a headphone jack, it wasn’t too much of a deal to keep it for the 7, surely?!

I will NEVER destroy my iPhone like that… because I won’t ever buy a phone without a 3.5mm jack.

Of course, everyone is just assuming those comments are legitimate and not just joking as well.

I’m skeptical about how many responses are from people who legitimately attempted this and how many are from people playing along with “OMG I tried this and now it doesn’t work. What did I do wrong?” for the laughs of seeing others freak out that someone “tried” it.

I upgraded my iPhone 5S with a 1/4 inch headphone jack. Now I get real hi-fi stereo for my headphones.

I just drilled a 5/16ths inch hole right into the middle of the screen. (I went a little larger on the diameter just to be sure the jack would fit.) Sure, most of the jack actually protrudes through to the other side of the phone, but it’s hi-fi!

Nobody is that stupid.

I want to believe this.

These people are doing a public service. Why, someone who falls for this (and I’m not convinced that anyone has or will) will learn that they can’t trust random bullshit on the internet.

And probably shouldn’t have fallen prey to Apple’s latest sucker-bait, either. :rolleyes:

I agree, BUT in a life long ago when I used to support mom and pop type construction companies (who were bought up by a huge evil conglomerate), we had a guy who was trying to install an ISA card into a PCI slot. Doesn’t fit, right? so, being problem solver and good with tools, this guy fires up the band saw and cuts it down until it does fit…soon after is when we get the call.

The real problem is people aren’t microwaving it first to soften up the case.

They always forget that step.

At least he knew that you needed a socket to plug the card into.

To his credit, he DID read the manual. Just had no concept of all the little copper squiggles on the card being of any importance.

I have a relative who was furious with a major electronics retailer and a cable company because her pricey new flat screen displayed black bars on the sides of the picture…

Bonus: the cable company ended up offering her a deal on a basic HD package. She thinks the very low monthly price is permanent.

I’m pretty certain no one fell for it. The replies don’t ring true–they sound like the troll responses on Amazon. And the more of those replies get posted, the less likely that someone would actually do it.

I can believe that someone would be stupid enough to believe it, I can’t believe they would also be capable of using a power drill.


Personal experience, not heard from a friend story.

Back in the 386/486 days of computers when most, but not all, motherboards came with the CPU soldered directly to the motherboardboard some DIY guy decided to upgrade the processor. Couldn’t get a good enough grip on the existing chip to pull it out for the swap. No worries. He had a lovely pair of channel lock pliers that would open far enough to cover it.

Then he brought it into the computer shop I was working at at the time…