DMV Experiences

I was over at the DMV and there was a…shall we say buxom lady, wearing a tank top dress. She had very large breasts uncontained by a bra, and evidently uncontained by anything, for as she shifted around, her whole breast just fell out of the top. Nipple and everything.

No one said anything (there were like 50-60 people there) and she didn’t notice it right away. I wasn’t close enough to her and I don’t know what I would have said, anyway. I figure if you’re going to wear a tank top dress like that, without a bra, you kind of keep tabs on your breasts, and if not, well, more power to you.

I just wanted to share.


I went to the DMV yesterday located in a very small town close to my town, and it was located in a single-wide trailer. Weird. But no boobies hanging out.

Have you been to the DMV lately? It’s like a leper colony down there!
~Jerry Seinfeld

I was in the DMV years ago, and the guy in front of me was trying to talk the clerk into changing his birth date so he could use his license to drink. “Come on, just hook me up! I’ll slip you a twenty.” Ooh, she coulda been rich!

Maybe he should have flashed her one of his boobs.

My DMV is always boring. Every X years (I think it’s 5, but I’m not positive) I go, sit for 30 - 45 minutes until my number is called, get my picture taken, get my license, and leave. No boobies. Maybe I should come to your DMV.

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

June 15. June 15. Gotta remember to check out the DMVs in upstate New York on this date next year.

The ad at the bottom left right now: “Renounce the bounce. Sports bras for every body!” At the top: “Learn to rebuild an engine.”

She’s got my vote.

Sports bras for some, miniature American flagpoles for others!

Just got back from the DMV here in Houston, 2 and a half hours of boredom and smells. The bonus? The six foot tall Tranny with a 5 O’clock shadow with mortified teenaged kid in tow. Priceless

Thanks for starting this thread, your timing was prefect as I have been home less than ten minutes


I was just the DMV with a friend a few weeks ago here in Northern CA and the clerk who helped us out looked like she hadn’t showered in days and like she had just rolled out of bed and showed up to work.
Her hair was a mess, her shirt had large stains on them, and she had eye boogers. But her tits were contained inside the stained shirt. Thank OG.

I got “Bare Necessities” and “Implant Removals”


So did she, apparently.

Nowhere near as entertaining as some of the others, but as coincidence would have it, I just got back from the DMV. I don’t know what transaction the guy in front of me was conducting, but evidently it involved both him and the DMV employee standing there staring at each other in motionless silence for no fewer than 10 minutes. That’s no exaggeration — no words spoken, no papers signed, no money exchanged, no mouses clicked, no buttons pressed. At the end of the ten minutes (10:17, actually, from when I started keeping track), the employee typed a bit on her computer and handed the guy his driver’s license, and off he went.

Nice daily dose of surrealism if nothing else…

The employee was probably waiting for some information on the computer. Maybe there were computer problems or something.

I went to the DMV today to buy one of these-
It’s just a generic plate you put over your front plate to remind that hurricane Irene sucked in Vermont, and the money goes to charity.

It took 25 minutes to buy it! There was about 8 forms the DMV guy had to fill out, and then some computer work. He even needed my name and zip code. On one form, it showed that some people had bought 3 of them, so it’s not like one per person per car.

The thing is, you can buy one off the shelf at some local supermarkets, if they have them in stock. I would guess that there the cashier just scans the barcode and takes your money.

I asked the DMV guy about this, and he just said “Yeah, we do a lot of paperwork here, that’s normal”. It sucks that my local grocery store didn’t have any and I had to deal with the DMV.

I’m bummed. I can’t participate in this thread, I’ve never been to the DMV in my life. :frowning: We don’t even have a DMV in our state (Michigan); we have Secretary of State offices. I’m curious as to how many other states operate in this fashion; by the responses here (and in various other discussions over time) I’d say not too many. But I might be wrong…

I went in to renew my driver’s license. It was a very busy day, the building, a large regional facility, was full. I paid my fees and went to wait in line for the camera. When it is my turn, there were people ahead waiting on their finished license, and people behind waiting their turn. I stepped up to the camera, the lady snapped the picture, and the camera broke.:smack: Cue amused giggles from the other customers. Seven takes later, they finally get my photo. By this time, the whole building is laughing. And it is a big building. And, my license picture did look like I could break a camera.:eek: