DMV Experiences

Do we suppose someone from the DMV rides around with him, reading the signage out loud?

After my move to North Carolina, I got my initial licence and first renewal at a large office in Raleigh. Big and somewhat bureaucratic, but pretty well organized and took about 90 minutes each time. The next renewal was at a small office in Cary, which had a special line for renewals, and I was out in about 1/2 hour. For the latest renewal the Cary office moved to a new location that was even more convenient because it was now within walking distance. But the experience was a nightmare – no more separate renewal line, and organized with Soviet-era efficiency. Took about 3 hours waiting on cramped, uncomfortable chairs.

Is there an appreciable difference between the DMV and Secretary of State offices, besides what they’re called? Because I grew up in Indiana (with the DMV) and now live in Illinois (with the SoS). Other than who the checks are made out to, I can’t tell the difference.

Back in the day, the California DMV instituted the (telephone) appointment system, which made everything much easier. Except…the appointment line was always busy. So I drove down to the DMV and made an appointment at the info desk to come back later. It was easier than being on hold for 45 minutes (or more).

My first trip to the DMV with me as a driver (trips with my mom don’t count) was surreal only because the lady taking my paperwork so that she could determine which line I had to stand in, asked me in all seriousness, “I see you were born in Northampton. Are you a lesbian?”

First of all, there are a shitload of people who live in Northampton who aren’t lesbians (and no, I’m not just talking about the men). Second of all, I was born there. I lived there for about a day and a half while in the hospital. That was it. They don’t implant lesbian chips in all newborns (that I’m aware of).

I just blew it off as a complete moron encounter and continued on my way. Even with my visit to moron-land, I was in and out in 10 minutes and this was in the only DMV in Worcester, before they started getting efficient.

Since then, I’ve either used small branches or made sure to arrive just before they open so my encounters have been painless.
The DMV in my town is right across the street from my job but I don’t know what it’s like in there because I don’t go to the DMV any more. I do everything online now.

Sounds like he was a boob.

I got my license in DC a few years ago at the now closed downtown DMV. It went fine, but I was amused that the DMV was downtown and so there was only street parking available. It made sense to take public transportation to get there.


You’re right. The hardest thing to believe here is that she wasn’t keeping tabs on 'em and didn’t notice. How…I mean…yikes!

Many Amish contractors in our area own huge crew cab trucks for their work crews and employ an English guy on the crew and have him drive. (Some can’t do this; it all depends on your bishop.) Believe it or not, they could be registering their vehicles.

And then there are Beachy Amish that drive cars instead of buggies, but to the untrained eye look just like more conservative Amish folks.

I go to a small town DMV. It is blessedly boring. Even with the Amish. :slight_smile: