DNC picks Denver for '08. Reactions?


Seems like a good move to me. Lotta votes in the West, the Dems have done well there of late, and it’s a city that has a pretty good public image nationally, unlike some others I could name. What say you?


Finally, the Dems are getting the message and making good decisions. The Mountain West is the key to the White House in the near future, with Colorado, NM, AZ, MT, and NV turning blue. They needed to get off the coasts - New York, Boston, LA, etc. just reinforce tired stereotypes of Democrats.

Besides, I prefer the libertarian Dems of the west to the old line of the northeast and California.

There’s nothing like trucking in many, many millions of dollars to the local economy to reinforce the growing goodwill the party is enjoying in Colorado.

Wheee! They picked US! They picked US!

Oh, wait … will there be red, white and blue cowboy hats everywhere?

Aw, shit! Neverfuckingmind!

Prepare for an onslaught of “mile high club” jokes from idiot righties.

New Orleans would have also have been a good choice, playing on the themes of rebuilding/recovery and GOP neglect.

Denver is ok, I guess.

I kinda doubt NOLA has the hotel and convention-space capacity right now, but I could be wrong.

To whatever extent this matters at all, it’s a good choice. The Republicans, by the way, will be in St. Paul.

Yeah, but we’re not a bunch of whiners like New Orleans. After all, we got some snow and didn’t run crying to FEMA! Thread :slight_smile:

I’m with Sunrazor. A bunch of flatlanders in Red White & Blue cowboy hats and exotic-skin boots, non-stop coverage on all the local channels, plus the traffic congestion and cost. Yee-ha.

Garrison Keillor should get a lot of mileage out of that. :slight_smile:

Actually, one of the problems with Denver was that it is lacking in unionized hotel rooms. That is important to a lot of Democrats.

Happy…my parents LOVE Kucinich and they are right there in Fort Collins.

The prostitutes out on E. Colfax are among the best in the nation, so I commend the DNC on accommodating the Kennedy’s in their selection of a host city.

Do what I did when they were in Philly in '04 – go on vacation that week.

As well as Al Franken (his home state).

Nah, Democrats always bring their own along, patronizing those from blue states. :slight_smile:

Cite, please?
Or are you relying on personal experience here? If so, do you have comparable experience in the rest of the nation?

As a Denver suburban resident, I will be trying to find a way to keep far, far away from downtown and to keep my television turned off what will be, no doubt, never-ending coverage.

On the other hand, something other than sports will be the lead story on the evening news - that will be highly unusual.

Hey! There was the murder of Darrent Williams last week…nevermind.

Denver is a good idea, I think. The mountain states may be pivotal in '08.