DNS BIND question

I have a Unix DNS server.

It’s the authority for oldzone.org.

I’d like to add NewImprovedZone.com as a zone, but in such a way that the whole zone is an alias: that is, www.NewImprovedZone.com will resolve to whatever address www.oldzone.org has, and server1.NewImprovedZone.com will resolve to the address that server1.oldzone.org is using.

See what I mean? I don’t want to maintain two db.zone files. I want to maintain the db.oldzone.org file, and have all requests that come in to resolve a NewImprovedZone address just translate that to oldzone.

Can I do this?

One hopeful bump?

Sorry, my bind is pretty weak, but have you looked into using DNAME? I’ve never tried it myself, and I don’t even know how well it’s supported.