Do Adjustable Beds Require Special Mattresses?

Do Adjustable Beds Require Special Mattresses?
I’m getting older, & an adjustable bed sounds good.
Do they require a special mattress, or can I re-use my spring mattress from the old bed?

Our adjustable beds came with memory foam mattresses. Spring mattresses should be replaced at regular intervals anyway, so if you are investing in a new bed, maybe a new mattress is a good idea.

AFAIK there is no problem with springs on an adjustable bed, but I suggest a visit to a store where you can try it out and see what you think.


I was going to get it through Target, & save several hundred dollars.

Web sites often state whether a mattress is suitable for an adjustable bed. If not, an answer is a quick email away. If you don’t get a response, it’s not a company you want to deal with.
Plus there’s typically a 3 or 4 month trial period whereby you can return a mattress at no charge. Check the return policy to be sure it’s no charge return, especially if dealing with a brick & mortar store. They’re well known for smoke & mirror exchange/return policies. And some only offer exchange and charge for extra pickup/delivery.
You may want to visit a store to narrow you choice to foam, memory foam, hybrid (mix of spring & foam), or spring. But 5 minutes trying a mattress in store doesn’t help. I’d suggest at least 1 month trial before deciding.
Then there’s bedding. A new mattress could also mean new sheets if it’s higher than your previous. Maybe a different height box spring to accommodate. It all adds up. It’s a minefield!
I returned a mattress because after a reasonable time I found it too firm. I hurt! It was picked up & donated to a local organization that assists those in need. Zero cost to me.
Final note. Many mattress review sites are owned & operated by mattress companies. They can be biased. Mattresses are very personal anyway, so while an honest review about quality & construction may be helpful, reviews on comfort are not. My neighbour almost orgasms when she talks about her memory foam. I hate memory foam.

Bought my new bed, at American Signature.
Clearance sale.
I can use the old mattress.

Does adjustable bed only refer to parts of the bed moving up and down? We have an air mattress (sleep number of some sort) where you can adjust the springiness from “I’m falling through the mattress” up to “bounce weights off the mattress “. What is sticking your head (or legs) above the other end supposed to do?

You can probably use the old mattress but the better deals are on the mattress and base combinations. Mattresses are super cheap with a high mark-up. There isn’t the same negotiating room on the bases.

For an adjustable bed you need either an all foam mattress or one with an independent coil system so the mattress can flex. Pretty much all but the least expensive mattresses (which use the older innerspring where all the coils are wired into one big spring) will meet that requirement.

Think of an adjustable base as turning your bed into a super-comfortable almost zero-G recliner. Once you have your head and feet raised you are going to have a difficult time turning over.

So you want a mattress that you find comfortable to lay on in a single position for a long time. This usually means finding a mattress that distributes your weight evenly so you don’t have any pressure spots making you want to turn over. I prefer a softer memory foam and if you can swing it, Tempurpedic is all they say it is and 8-hours in one position is very comfortable even on their entry level mattresses.

I do like that my adjustable base has vibration built in to it, including wave vibration which is just awesome (nothing fancy, just means the two motors alternate their speed to give a wave feel). It can be relaxing after a physical day or when you have the body aches from the flu.

Having sold mattresses for a large firm at one time, I would suggest find the mattress and base you like, look at the list price, cut that price in half, and say you will buy now at that price and see what happens. On a slow day (or a struggling rep), they’ll take that deal to get the sale. Don’t be afraid to walk out the door to show you are serious. I’ve seen even the sharks go after folks and say, okay, yes, I got permission, we can do that.

Having feet elevated above the heart will help with circulation, a friend of mine says having her legs raised helps relieve her sciatic nerve pain. It also relieves back pain.

Having the head elevated stops my snoring, makes it easier to read in bed, and helps with drainage when my sinuses are going.

I’ve got GERD.