Do adults actually read newspaper comic strips?

Back in the day, when I was a boy, I would always race to the newspaper to get the comic strip page. I remember Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Hagar, shoe, etc. But as a I grew older (high school age) I stopped and only read the actual news. today I never read any comics except dilbert & the editorial cartoons.

You would think that the average adult would not find "Family circus’ and “Hagar the Horrible” very funny. They tend to be the same joke. And especially the average adult newspaper subscriber, who is more literal than the average joe. And children generally dont read the newspaper, even comics.

So are there any numbers as to how many adults actually read the comic strips? Why do they even have strips like “Family Circus” that I would imagine no one buys the paper for?

I don’t take a paper, but I read several comics on line daily. If I happen across a paper, I’ll read thru most of the comics. There are some I avoid because I find them to be unfunny, bordering on stupid, but I’ve found it’s largely a matter of taste. For example, I think Pearls Before Swine is a hoot. My mother, who is extremely intelligent and well-read, can’t stand it. She thinks One Big Happy is hilarious - I don’t see the appeal. My son-in-law loves Garfield - talk about a strip that has survived on 2 or 3 constantly repeated gags. <shrug>

When I lived in Jacksonville, the Times-Union would periodically have a comics survey, and the “classics” (most of which I find to be lame) were always voted in. The bottom line: it’s a business decision - the customers want Cathy and Family Circus, so the paper subscribes to them.

But to answer your question - yes, some adults actually read comic strips.

I love the comics. I’m not terribly interested in Hagar, Family Circus, or BC, but some of them are quite funny. I read Doonsbury, Non-Sequiter, Get Fuzzy, Fox Trot, Zits, The Buckets, Shermans Lagoon, and Garfield just because I never give up. I’ll read most of the others, but some are only amusing and some aren’t entertaining at all. I think Family Circus is the only one that I never get any entertaqinment out of, but YMMV.

On the other hand, I don’t get a paper anymore so, I only get to read them once in a while.

I think many adults, like me, read some of the old comics because we grew up reading them. Same reason I watch Peanuts specials for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

For the Sunday paper, I think adults have more time to read it. Thus, they’re more likely to read the comics for a bit. It certainly beats reading about the latest school district scandal.

I read the comics every day in both the local paper and online.

What makes you think that they are made for kids.
Yes, kids read them, balloons with short lines, drawings.
But who do you think get out more of Calvin and Hobbes - a ten year old or a 40 year old?
Also, this might find a better audience in CS. I’ll report it for you.

Yes they do.

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