Do agencies/professionals exist that advise in Weight Loss Surgery (in Europe)?

I’m seriously thinking about weight loss surgery. A lap band, a gastric bypass, something like that.

The trouble is, that with my BMI of 35 I’m not obese enough to qualify for WLS through the standard medical care in my country. That is okay; I have saved enough money to pay for the operation myself.

However, if I’m not going the ordinary medical route, then I can’t get advice on where to get the surgery, what kind of surgery, etcetera. And I don’t have the time, or the expertise, to become an expert in the WL field to be my own doctor and determine what method is best for me and where to best get it done.

But I also don’t want to fall in the hands of quacks.

Does anyone know if there is a class of health care professionals that specialize in quality, *commercial *advice in the world of weight loss surgery? Of course I’m looking for someone in the Netherlands, but I would also be glad with an USA of UK contact, as they might help me further.

Wouldn’t that ‘class of health care professionals’ just your common or garden physicians? Do Dutch doctors in private practice and hospitals refuse to treat patients who choose to pay cash? If that should be the case, just go over the border to Germany; German doctors and hospitals love private patients.

BTW on a personal note I’d recommend looking also at less extreme measures (does the Dutch medical system offer weight-loss hospital treatment? I started with a 4-week regime in a clinic financed by the German pension insurance scheme, who I had convinced that I wouldn’t stay employable to pension age else, and with just a change of habits (started there) and regular exercise I have gone from BMI 40 to BMI 30, stable for these past years.)

Sort of. My doc says: get thee to a haspital that specializes in weightloos surgery; the hospital will say: " you don’t qualify" and if I say that I want to do it anyway, they’ll tsk-tsk and say they don’re recommedn it and come back when you weigh 40 pounds more, and oh, have you tried dieting? And if I tell them that I still want to go through with it, they’ll say that I’m on my own. For chrissakes, there are otherwise healthy women on Dutch obesity messageboards that weigh twice what I do and that still get refused treatment. Not from their insurance, but from thieir hospitals.

I’d love to, but how does that work? How do I find an hospital that specializes, to start with, general advice, and that doesn’t recommend whatever variety of surgery that they happen to perform? And if I foudn them, what do I do? simply call for an appointment? They won’t get a fit as to how to get me to fit in their administrative system?

No offence, but it seems to me that you are getting advice; you just don’t tlike the advice you are getting, which is that surgery is not indicated in your case. The problem is not that they don’t want your money, but that they don’t think the treatment you are seeking is in your interests. Their issue is not financial, but ethical.

You’re looking for a doctor who will tell you what you want to hear, and you;re willing to pay for it. You say you don’t want to fall into the hands of quacks, but if you devised a strategy likely to lead you straight to them, this would pretty much be it, wouildn’t it?

Why do you think the advice that surgery is not indicated in your case is not good advice?