Do airlines retire "infamous" flight numbers?

Would you feel great about getting on a United flight 93, for example? Do they change flight numbers on a regular basis, as they redo schedules, etc?

Just wondering.

Yes, they do discontinue the use of infamous flight numbers. AA announced their 2 flight #s were retired, I assume United did the same, but I’ve heard no announcements.

They don’t have to retire the numbers, but as a matter of course most airline companies do.
You won’t find a Korea flight 007 anymore.
An uncle flew for American for many years. He once told me a lot of people are nervous enough about flying. Retiring bad numbers were in the same league as some hotels not having a 13th floor.

TWA retired flight 800 as well…

Zev Steinhardt

Back in 1987 or 88, a Delta flight crashed on approach to DFW airport. The next day, I picked up my father at DFW, he was flying Delta on the same flight #.

I knew the odds of the same thing happening again were too small to measure, but it was kinda weird.

IIRC the Airport terminal I worked at had no gate 13. Some of the people I worked with would tell people to look for the restroom near gate 13