Do all people have the ability to "twerk" or can only some genetically gifted do this?

In looking at this Russian woman’s performance and this guys performance

Specifically I’m not talking so much about rolling your rear end in a circle moves but more the rapid vertical side to side and in tandem butt cheek up and down pistoning I can’t decide if this something all people can do or be trained to do, or like whistling or rolling your tongue, or holding an iron cross in gymnastics can only certain genetically gifted people do this successfully?

I’ve never figured it out, but I’ve also never figured out how to move my hips in isolation. I’m inherently rhythmic, but I lack the coordination not to look like an idiot when I dance.

I assume it’s like wiggling your ears in that anyone could twerk but only certain people ever put the effort into it to learn how to do it so quickly.

I managed it once, but with my bdonkadonk in motion it nearly broke my back.

For what it’s worth, this type of dancing is common in West Africa. I saw it there many times. It’s probably something you grow up doing in some cultures and I doubt there is anything genetic about it.

I’m pretty sure it can be learned. As mentioned above, it’s common in West Africa, and in my experience, Peace Corps volunteers never seem to have any problems figuring it out.

I’ve seen the devastation earthquakes and tsunamis can cause so I dare not try to twerk.

I saw a clip a while back where some conservative Australian politician, the archtypical old fat white guy, was on a variety talk show and the topic came up. Not only was he able to do it on the first try, but he was actually considerably better at it than Miley Cyrus.

Turns out it was easier to Google than I expected.