Do all states in the US require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered fish?

Do all states in the US require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered fish. I know Alaska does since 1995. I’d be interested to know if all other states do as well. I look forward to your feedback.

Sorry I meant to write 2005

I don’t have the answer, but if you can stomach it (no pun intended) I’m sure something can be found in the anti-GMO sites, which are universally farragoes of nonsense and, not that there’s anything wrong with it, leftist politics, which makes for a bad mix.

I’m sure there are overarching fish industry monitor organizations, like the various Beef Councils, etc. I’ve been interested in the land grown food industrial organizations for a while; I’ll start familiarizing myself with the finny ones.

For what it’s worth, the first and only FDA-approved genetically engineered fish was approved last November. It probably won’t ever be sold, since it was created almost 30 years ago to have a faster growth rate. Since then conventional breeding and aquaculture techniques have yielded similar growth rates, without the need for elaborate containment controls imposed on the genetically engineered fish. So your question is entirely academic for now and the near future.

Now that one genetically engineered fish has been approved, however, others may follow.

Vermont is going to start requiring labeling of all GMO food in July of this year. Maine and Connecticut have similar laws but those do not take effect until four other states pass similar laws. Alaska is the only state that expressly regulates GMO fish.

And guess which state has a fairly sizable “wild” fishing industry? Oy, we need to get the word out: GMO is not any more of a problem than any other kind of food.

Thanks lazybratsche. Thanks everyone. This was an article from 2012. AquaBounty was struggling then. I’m just curious how they are doing now.