Do Americans value human life?

jab1, in the “An Intruder Breaks Into Your Home – What Are You Gonna Do?” thread say’s;

Not true. There are far more heros than killers. Most people (even non-christians :wink: ) will put their own lives in jeopardy to save another’s.
BTW; This is not a jab at jab 1.
mangeorge (Furiously seeking cites)

oh yea i can just see all those people flocking to help the homeless - most people have a strong sense of apathy…
its just the way it is…

I think that the subject was the taking of life, not he quality.
But your point is well taken, dude.

There are all kinds of organizations devoted to helping the homeless. Of course we shouldn’t forget that many people who are homeless for years have serious drug/alcohol or mental problems.