Do Any Fast Food Joints Still Use Paper Hats?

      • I can just barely recall seeing the slaves at McD’s wearing them during the twighlight of my youth. Haven’t seen any in quite a few years, but I don’t remember the exact last time (kinda like penny gumball machines…). Is there anywhere else left? Either local joints or corporate chains? - MC

BurgerVille USA in Oregon and Washington still uses paper hats. But their food sucks now and it’s all overpriced and overcooked. Damn e-coli whiners.

Some of the cheesier, dinky little local places here still use them. Also, some cafeteria workers at public schools use them as well… or at least they did 11 years ago. As inexpensive as they must be, I can’t see them dying out completely.

During my years as a McD’s employee, if a crew member forgot his or her hat, as punishment and humiliation-inspired reminder, he/she had to wear a paper hat. This was just a few years ago.

I was in Blacksburg, VA (home of Virginia Tech) for a football game a few weeks ago, and after the game we stopped in a Burger King for a snack. Guy at the counter had on a paper hat. Dunno if it was punishment or anythng, but it was there.

Maybe they don’t quite count as “fast” food, but Johnny Rockets and Steak ‘n’ Shake employees often are seen wearing paper hats. These are both national chains, AFAIK.


I’m pretty sure In’n’Out Burger in California still wears 'em. Incidentally, their Double Double with grilled onions is, IMHO, the best cheesburger on the planet.

I looked at the In 'n Out website and I couldn’t tell. There’s a picture of three employees, one of whom might be wearing a paper hat. The others are wearing caps.

I think I’m going to have to go there tonight and check my facts.

I am on my way to get a Double-Double right now, I will let you know after lunch!

Slightly off the subject, the employees at Hot Dog on a Stick may not wear paper hats, but they definetly wear really bad hats. Like a carnival corn dog vendor, only worse- tall, wide primary-colored stripes, some kind of beanie-thing on top as I recall. Fugly.

Do Any Fast Food Joints Still Use Paper Hats?

I’m sure that some fast-food employees, when they’ve forgotten their rolling papers, still use paper hats to make their joints.

The Varsity in Atlanta (World’s Largest Drive-In) still uses paper hats. They even have a supply to give customers. There’s on sitting on my desk right now. Wanna see what they look like? Poke around at:

Turn up your sound to here some of the catchphrases that have been used for decades.

What’ll ya have? A nekkid dawg walkin’ and a large FO. (translation: May I take your order, Sir? Yes, I’ll have a hotdog with no condiments and a large frosted orange shake, please.)

Oops, I explained the nekkid dawg and FO but failed to mention that “walkin’” means “to go”.

Ok, just scarfed my cheeseburger.

Yes, the employees at In-n-Out Burger wear both a red ball cap, and silly paper hats!

I’m not sure, but the woman wearing the ball cap might have been a manager. Perks.

I deliver to Burger KIng and very rarely I deliver a (very dusty) box of paper hats. Don’t know if anyone really wears them.

Steak ‘n’ Shake also passes them out to kids. They’re not a national chain though, just 11 states I think.

I work in a Publix deli. We have paper hats available, but most choose to wear either a ball cap or net. The meat department wears them though, as their job is significantly messier.

Also, I don’t think they wear them at my local steak n’ shake, but I could be wrong.

Sixteen, actually…primarily in the Midwest and South. Steak ‘n’ Shake is almost as common as dirt in St. Louis - there’s something like 37(!) in the metro area.

Does Hardee’s have paper hats? It’s been awhile since I’ve been masochistic enough to grab a meal there.

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Turn up your sound to hear some of the catchphrases…

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I think we’ve established that the answer to the OP is “yes.” Do we really need another list thread?

Our McDonald’s uses them. I’m sure it’s an option at every franchise.