Do any Muslim countries currently levy the jizya?

The title pretty much says it all.

According the WP page on the subject, it became increasingly uncommon over the last couple of hundred years, finally petering out among the Zoroastrians in 1884 and Moroccan Jews in 1894-ish.

Anybody got any more specific information?


The only cases I can think of now are extragovernmental. For example some thugs in Egypt were levying protection money they labeled “jizya” on vulnerable Coptic Christians.

But in its original form as a government tax it’s a dead issue. As far as I know even the Taliban hadn’t tried to institute it, though they were certainly edging in that direction and it wouldn’t have shocked me if they had.

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Kuwait offers tax incentives to guest workers who convert to Islam. Not exactly the same thing, I know.

I figured I’d be hearing from at least one of you two.

Thanks guys.