Do any navigable waterways bisect Florida (east to west)?

Please settle a bar bet. A friend claims that a path exists for boats to travel east-west through Florida. He claims that boats can actually travel via canals/lakes/etc. from the Atlantic to the Gulf, near the Orlando area. I’m dubious, because I’ve never heard of any locks (you’d have to have locks, right?) or a trans-florida canal. A search via googlemaps doesn’t reveal such a passage in that area either. So I turn to the board for information on this.

Floridopers: Is there a waterway through the Florida penninsula? Or does my friend buy the drinks this weekend?

That would be the Okeechobee Waterway; pay up.

They tried to build a canal at one point, but it was never finished.


(He wants Guinness, he says) :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks everyone. I knew someone here would know the answer.

Note to self: Check with SDMB, then place bet. :rolleyes: