Do any US movie channels ever screen Eraserhead?

This & El Topo, I am pretty sure for El Topo it is a definite no due to a legal battle, but I can’t recall ever seeing Eraserhead. Anyone?

There is probably a reason you never see it. It isn’t really a movie. It is, well, something else unknown with all of the good and bad that entails. Most people couldn’t just sit there and watch it like they would something else. It is disturbing and the storyline is incompressible in the normal way. It is really more like a music video gone wrong (but not). I don’t think many channels would want to just plop it out there for all to stumble upon.

(I have it and I have made a point to try and watch it several times but I never made it all the way through. It is fascinating in a way but really bad in other ways that make it a chore unless there are illegal drugs involved.

Pretty sure I’ve seen it on IFC or Sundance. Can’t see more mainstream channels showing it.

I think it was on USA a long time ago. Maybe A&E. Sometime in the nineties.

In other words, your basic David Lynch movie.

FWIW, IFC has been running new episodes of Greg the Bunny and they spoofed Eraserhead. It was still disturbing.

I know I saw it in TV… it might have been PBS.