Do any US states or Canadian provinces have their own local tv shows?

Not local news or sports but cartoons, movies, game shows or soap operas, that you would not see outside that specific region, state or province?

Short answer - yes.

I don’t really watch them, production value tends to be really low.

There’s the various regional sports talk shows that air on regional sports networks like Fox, MSG, and so on.

Local game shows used to be quite common. Most I remember from my youth were cheesy; “Dialing for Dollars,” “Bowling for Dollars,” “Strikes, Spares and Misses,” and so on. I don’t know if there’s any left. There may still be It’s Academic/Scholastic Bowl-type shows around, airing in local markets and highlighting local high schools.

Local kids shows were a staple of youth for many Generation Xers, but I don’t know how many are left. Usually they had a variety show-style format, or they served as the backdrop for plain old Warner Brothers cartoons.

A few markets have local talk shows. “AM Buffalo,” an old-school coffee kaffeeklatsch-style show, still airs on weekday mornings on WKBW(Channel 7) in Buffalo.

I think cable operators are still required to provide a public access channel so that local community programming has an outlet. From what little I’ve seen of it, which was years ago, it’s mostly in the form of “talk shows” (meaning crackpots staring into a camera for 30 minutes and ranting about whatever crosses their minds).

To my knowledge, Tennessee doesn’t have, and may never have had, a truly statewide show that is exclusive to the state. Individual cities surely have their own shows. But even the CATV (which is for Community Access, isn’t it?) shows are more local than statewide.

I’ll be glad to accept that I’m wrong, if somebody has an example. But the idea of a statewide show (exclusive to the state) is a new concept to me.

Well there is TV Ontario which resembles PBS in a number of ways. Weekday mornings are dedicated to kids with evenings having current event shows, classic movies, and British dramas.

Kentucky Educational Television produces a lot of documentaries, etc. that only air on KET (which, admittedly, can be picked up in all the surrounding states as well.)

Kentucky-focused shows on KET: Kentucky Afield (hunting & fishing), Kentucky Life (human interest pieces on places and people), bookclub@ket (focusing on Kentucky authors), Mixed Media (Kentucky arts) as well as Comment on Kentucky & Kentucky Tonight (news analysis and discussion.)

Seattle had a show in the 80s and 90s called Almost Live! It had jokes and sketches that made little sense outside the Puget Sound region. Its breakout star was Bill Nye (“The Science Guy!”).

DC had Dick Dyszel , who played “Captain Twenty” and “Count Gore deVol,” a sort of movie host for cheesy SciFi and horror movies in the 70s and 80s.

I’m not aware of anything comparable currently in either city.

Quebec certainly has a thriving television industry, with dozens of French-language stations. Though some of their schedules consist of dubbed-over films and shows from outside Quebec, there’s plenty of original drama and comedy for provincial consumption.

There used to be all sorts of children’s shows produced for the local markets in the US. There was one in Seattle way back when that I don’t remember the name of, but I’ve spent the last few July 4ths at the beach house of the creator and star and his wife. Ditto SoCal.

Now that cable has pretty much taken over, this type of programming is getting rareer.

I believe you are referring to J.P. Patches (similar to Chicago’s Bozo the Clown).

Seattle still has a fair number of local shows… at least more than I remember when living in Chicago. Maybe it’s due to Seattle’s more liberal-not-give-into-the-man attitude. Currently on the air there are shows like:

  • Evening Magazine - A daily half-hour of interesting, light-news things around the Pac NW.
  • Northwest Backroads - a travel show about Pac NW, BC, and Alaska locations
  • Seattle Stars - an (admittedly bad) local American Idol
  • Northwest Afternoons - local afternoon talk show/celebrity gossip
  • Gardening with Ciscoe - a gardening show for how to grow stuff with no sunlight and only rain :wink:
  • Several cooking shows that feature rotating Pac NW chefs and restaurants
  • The occasional “Almost Live” reunion

All of these shows are on the 3 major networks… so this does not include local PBS shows (of which there are quite a few) or the cable government/local access channels (of which there are 1 city gov, 1 county gov, 2 U of Washington channels, and the “Seattle Channel” which is local interest-type stuff, and a local Asian language channel). That’s the stuff I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure I’m missing some stuff.

Quebec most certainly has it’s own TV shows, movies, etc.

Aren’t most of them available across the country? Obviously they’re Quebec channels in the sense that the vast majority of their audiences are there, but I’m not sure they meet the OP’s criteria.

Yes (on cable at least; I believe service providers are obligated to provide access to Radio-Canada, TVA and TQS, and maybe other channels, everywhere in Canada), but many of these shows are steeped in Quebec culture and current events, and so might not make as much sense to people outside Quebec.

Memphis Championship Wrestling may come close. The show has gone through many changes over the years, but a version still exists today. The promotion used to run a circuit between Memphis and Louisville, KY, with spot shows in smaller towns along the way. There was a rival promotion in the eastern part of the state, but at some murky point they merged, sorta, and there may have been a single TV show shown statewide. Back in the day, it was filmed live in the studio at Channel 5 in Memphis. Not sure where they do tapings these days.

San Francisco has:

Bay Area Backroads - local nature boy Doug McConnell goes camping / hiking / kayaking and such around the Bay Area / Northern California and sometimes other places like Alaska. Likes to hypnotize you with his teeth.

Bay Cafe - a local food and restaurant review-type show.

Henry’s Garden - a local show highlighting plants and flowers and gardening tips.

Bay Area Living - a real estate show.

Quiz Kids - a local high school Jepardy! type show.

The World According to Gary Radnich - local blowhard and sports idiot Gary Radnich talks about stuff - not sure what, never seen it - I watch just enough to determine that it’s him, then change the channel as quickly as possible.

A local Mandarin station that plays odd Asian stuff, like “Vague Girl, Disturbing World” which I cannot stop watching even though after about three years I’m still not sure what’s going on.

How about Who Wants to Be The First On The Block With Indoor Plumbing.

Ohio has some lottery game show on that I presume is just shown in Ohio.

Where I grew up in northeastern Wisconsin in the 80s we had Chiller Theater at midnight after Saturday Night Live on Green Bay’s WLUK. Horror movies hosted by “Ned the Dead”. I’m pleased to see it is actually still on the air to this day, though it hasn’t run continuously for all the intervening years.

I see Chicago still has Svengoolie, I see. Same schitck, only slightly higher production values.

One local thing I remember from about 1980, I only remember as “Pow!” This was an interactive kid’s game that was shown in the afternoon after school got out. A Space Invaders type game was shown on the TV and the kid who called in said “Pow” to shoot a laser and hit the aliens and win (something)…maybe a gift certificate to Dairy Queen or some such.

When I first moved to the Bay Area in 1997 one of the independent stations was still doing a “Dialing for Dollars” game during the afternoon movie where they dialed a random number. I think the answerer had to say a catch phrase to win. Not sure if that show made it to the 21st century or not…

San Antonio has a few local “Good Morning SA” talk shows, but not anything really unique or interesting, unless all the interesting stuff is on the Spanish stations…

Newfoundland has some. Been a while since I’ve watched any, but I remember interviews with/performances by local entertainers.