Do babies get dizzy inside the womb?

Later in the pregnancy most babies turn head down to prepare for birth, would this make them lightheaded or dizzy at all?


I think they are kind of in a “zero-gravity” situation, since they are suspended in fluid. In any case, we all had to do it in order to be born, so I doubt it has any harmful long-lasting effects! :slight_smile:

What are you asking us for? Ask a baby.

Sorry. That came off a little too snarky for GQ. The gist of my response is that I don’t think there is anyway to know.

Hm. Isn’t a sense of balance a prerequisite for dizziness? I don’t know if the inner ear of an unborn baby is sufficiently developed to allow them to feel dizzy.

Drugs and alcohol affect them.I suppose Why not dizziness.?

Most babies don’t object to being held upside down, as long as they are well supported (like wrapped in a blanket so their arms don’t fall down.) Eventually, their little faces will get red with extra blood, but they don’t seem to care.

Their hearts are bigger, porportionally, than ours, and they beat faster, so it may be (WAG alert) that their blood flow isn’t as much of a problem as it is for us big people. Plus, of course, in utero they are getting well-oxygenated blood through the umbilical cord, so it doesn’t matter to their diaphragms and lungs what position they’re in - they won’t get short of breath being upside down.

Newborns *will *get dizzy spinnning around. We used to sit on the office chair with the baby and slowly spin, and when we stopped, her little eyes would go back and forth until they crossed, trying to regain equilibrium. When she was old enough to hold her head up, she’d sway when we stopped. She loved it, and I hope it did her no harm! (We always did it slowly and gently, to avoid Shaken Baby Syndrome.)