Do baby sloths get frisky?

Most young animals get frisky and playful. Do young sloths engage in any type of playful behavior? If so, what do they do?

I have no idea, but the question is charming, and I hope someone has the answer.

baby sloths can move sort of quickly, and can be very cute and seem to sort of play in their own way. Try these for your daily baby sloth fix

They do, but by the time they finish counting to 10 for hide and seek, they’re adults.

Great videos! Thanks, scm1001! They do seem to be curious and exploring their world. And adorable, although I imagine those claws put a damper on actual cuddling.

Thank you very much scm1001! I watched and thoroughly enjoyed all the videos.

I guess your question is answered, Harriet. They climb and they scratch themselves incessantly.

So cute!!!

They bite, too, although AFAIK they’re not really capable of inflicting injury.

Those are great videos. Of course baby sloths don’t actually move that fast. Those clips are being played back at 4x speed. I had no idea Barry White knew so much about sloths. If you listen closely, you can hear James Earl Jones asking questions in the background.

He sang like one.