Do bananas have the same vitamin content before and after ripening?

Do bananas (or other fruit) have the same vitamin content when they are green as when they are ripe? What about after they’ve gotten a little overripe? Is an unripened banana just as “healthy” as a ripe one? Assuming that they were both cut down at the same point.

Ripe fruit is just fruit that started to rot, so if anything, ripe fruit might be losing a little vitamin content to deteriation.

Just before ‘ripe’ was what I always understood to be the best for the true content of the fruit or veggie. No fruit was lost to rot.

A frim banana with no rot might not be human ripe, but it is the freshest banana.

‘deterioration’. I know.

In ripening, starches convert to sugars, declining from 20-23% to 1-2% in fully ripe fruit. Soluble sugars increase from less than 1% to 20%. The sugars are comprised of approximately 20% glucose, 15% fructose, and 68% sucrose. No data on vitamin changes. Cite: Bananas,3rd Ed., R.H. Stover and N.W. Simmonds,