Do bears really sleep all winter?

Link to Cecil’s column.

From the column:

Rarely have I known the big guy turn aside from icky stuff. Come on, Cecil, you’ve whetted our curiosity. Inquiring minds want your take on ursine anal plugs!

If you can overlook the British spelling, this will help you out.

(As an aside, “bear hibernation poop” ranks astonishingly high on Google’s list of suggestions.)

They actually torpor. And for readers, that’s a big deal. Because if a reader were to stumble upon a hibernating animal, they could just about do anything to the animal. If you stumble upon a bear den, you’d better run. They might be groggy but they will come out to investigate.

I went to a nature museum somewhere where they had a bear anal plug in a display case. It looked like dry poop. Other than the back story about bears hibernating (or torporing, or whatever) there was absolutely nothing interesting about it.