Do bigger people need more sleep?

I was wondering if there has been any research done on whether the larger you are, the more sleep you need?
In this case I am talking about taller/bigger framed people, because I assume that very overweight people, that are not necessarily tall or big boned, would need more sleep simply because they are unhealthy and their body takes more time to recover from the exertions of the day.
So, does having more miles of veins, a larger skeleton and all that mean you take more sleep to run?

High BMI = Lesser sleep duration

I don’t see anything for height and sleep duration, but I didn’t google too hard.

So the higher your BMI goes the less sleep you get?
Interesting. But is that the same as getting the sleep you NEED?

Anyway, thanks for finding me an answer to my assumption on weight.

Yes, I am still googling the height/sleep as well, at the moment it seems, anecdotally at least, that there is no connection.

Very tiny people (babies) seem to need way more sleep than the average full-sized person.

Children and teenagers also seem to need more sleep. (Not that they necessarily get it.)

Very overweight people would be more likely to have sleep disturbances like apnea and not get as good sleep, so they may end up staying in bed longer. As you’re saying, it seems like that would make it difficult to separate out what they really need.