Do blind people dream?

Do blind people dream? If so, in what way?

Uncle Cecil covered this topic in What are the dreams of the blind like?. According to him, “in general the dreams of the congenitally blind contain no visual elements and consist predominantly of sound plus smell, touch and the sense of movement.”

I am pefectly sighted(except when I’m blind drunk) and I sometimes dream in emotions. Sounds odd eh? Usually there is no other aspect or sense to these dreams but I know what is going on. I wake up and feel intensely emotional, either extaticor on the verge of tears. Really odd but very satisfying. All I ever want to do afterwards is cuddle my wife. Does this make me a new man?

kaylasmom is congenitally blind, and dreams every night. Sometimes, she is able to recall details of her dreams well enough to be able to describe them to me (particularly when she has my famous chili for dinner :D). Based upon her own testimony, she surmises reportable details such as size/mood/activity level of the dream “characters” from the same type of observational cues that she uses to inform her waking experience.

So, yeah. Blind people dream, and it is pretty much the way Unca Cece reported it.