Do Britons (and I assume Canadians, Australians, etc.) All Have To Get New Passports Now?

I read on the Dope that some U.K. professionals are already ordering new stationery that references “His Majesty The King” because of the new reality over there. Do you all need to get new passports and driver’s licenses and all that?

I don’t think so, and all the money with QEII’s face on it is still good, although any new currency will be printed with KCIII on it going forward. People may want new stationery that references KCIII or may feel they need it, but I doubt it’s required by law.

The tradition is to switch things over as needed. The more permanent an item is, the slower the changes will be.

Consider the example of mailboxes in the UK, some of which still bear the seal of George V, 70 years later:

Letterhead and the like is easy to switch, and it won’t cost much to stop using existing supplies, so that will change quickly. Other stuff like passports and money will change in the next year, most likely, but the old versions, if still valid, will continue in force. Inherited authority is the whole point, of course. As it was under Elizabeth II, so shall it be under Charles III.

You can still find a few VR postboxes in use.

(And, - nitpick - we don’t have ANY “mailboxes” at all.)

In the UK, the Royal Mail delivers the post. In the US, the Post Office delivers the mail. Makes perfect sense.

And yet, if you try to mail a post or post a male, both will be refused.

There is at least one with VR on it:

I remember in the 1960’s in Canada you could find even Edward VII’s head on quarters and dimes, although worn thin enough to be barely recognizable. Plenty of Georges. The currency doesn’t disappear because the pictures change. I don’t recall bills in circulation except Elizabeth, but then bills had a much shorter life span. A few people had bills with George VI as a curiosity or souvenir item. (The Queen’s portrait on bills and coins has changed with age, and assorted versions are still in circulation, although almost all older coins made with actual silver disappeared during the famous Hunt bros’ price spike of silver)

It was mentioned on our news that the name of Court of Queens Bench and lawyers with “Queen’s Counsel” designation would have to make changes, among other things.

Yes, but as I was speaking to Americans, I felt the need to translate from English into Ungrateful Colonial.

With the latest one on the Canadian $20, I call it “The Angry Queen”. She looks quite irate!

1970 kid here, George was not uncommon but Edward was a rarety.

I understand that UK MPs will swear a new oath to the King. In Canada, there is no requirement for a new oath from elected officials. I also took a quick look at my driver’s license. It is issued by the province, no mention of our head of state.

I was reading a thread on Twitter yesterday where someone was in the midst of a Canadian Citizenship ceremony when word came down of the Queen’s death. The staff hastily convened and the new citizens swore the oath to the King instead.

I don’t know how the Canadians word their oath, but over here it includes “heirs and successors”, which would seem to cover all bases for such a situation.

And here’s one overview of what will change and how long it may take:

I hope not. I’m currently in France - it would be quite the inconvenience.


Our QCs are already KCs now, sign writers and printers are going to make a mint, Her Majesty’s everything will be changed to His. There are a surprising number of references here in Australia.

Parliament is suspended because they all swore an oath to the Queen and will need to be sworn in again.

Well it won’t be going forward, it will be going left.

We are handling it differently in Canada:

No. I believe Canadian money still has value, passports will eventually change but old ones honoured, buildings and street names and schools will consider things individually but are very unlikely to change. The Queens Plate horse race in Toronto was called the Kings Plate between 1901 and 1952 and time will tell. But the courts and new pledges and oaths will change immediately. May the new monarch prosper and live long.

Some of our politicians have shown in noting her passing no respect for the Monarchy, foolish given we all know now they lied to take their seats and will soon be lying again.

I do wonder if, given Charles’ age, a change may be made to our laws once they are back to work. Adding the word ‘successors’ could save an awful lot of bother.

Actually, I believe all of your currency needs to be replaced. But I can assist with that. Mail me all of your current currency (PM for the address) and I’ll send back replacements once they are available. It probably won’t take too long.

Here is a very rare example of a building with an Edward VIII symbol on it:

It’s a former Toronto post office on Yonge St at Broadway which has undergone a façadectomy and the façade is now fronting some shops and condos.

My passport expires in ’24. I suspect the replacement will say, “… in the name of His Majesty the King …”.

This is proving unexpectedly odd to get used to. Almost three generations of people have known only Elizabeth. I read somewhere that as of Thursday, nine out of ten people alive had only known a world with Elizabeth.

I notice that the good elves at Wikipedia have already updated various articles dealing with countries, the Commonwealth, etc. (I started out looking up stuff about St Vincent and the Grenadines, and following links, you know how it goes, and I ended up reading about that statue of King Edward VII in Queen’s Park…)